March of the Updates

07 March 2019

The past months since the change and integration of Fierce Fox and Fourth Kin have been full of turmoil and fun. Many of our team members have taken advantage of the offer of vacation during the redefinition of the company.

As far as the Kindred Four is concerned, the scope has been altered, and has been more clearly defined in the WBS than it was previously. We had a vague requirement statement and an idea of what we wanted, but we did not have specifics, which allowed a lot of scope creep.

With the clearly-defined scope, we are able to break down the deliverables into the WBS and WBS Dictionary, so we have had a lot of administrative work to do, while being stuck in a sort of limbo state.

Project management is taking more of a front line than it was previously, as many of the previous employees were encouraged to think outside the box and scope creep was not a major issue with many of the processes and projects. While we still want our people to think differently, we would like them to stay at least box-adjacent. This helps us remove the risks associated with scope creep.

New milestones have been predicted and created for the major points through the lifetime of the development stage. Again, this falls back to scope, but all the teams have been working to clearly define what is necessary to produce a viable product.

Meanwhile, our world continued to spin.

This left us behind with technology, the long time off requires our developers to reacquaint themselves with the ins and outs of the project, and we needed to update our Unity version due to some pretty serious bugs and requirements of some of our dependencies.

So again, we are starting with very little. We know what we want. We have many of our assets currently created, but with the update to Unity, many of our prefabs require changes. However, we feel that with our new approach and our breakdown of deliverables, we can deliver the first milestone within the allotted time frame.

There will be plenty to come, and we are anticipating a playable demo available later this year.