End of the March

29 March 2019

We have been busy, with a few thousand new lines of code. With 48 days remaining on our current sprint, our project management system is full of updates and our git repository is full of pushes. We have made changes to changes, converted our database structure and back-end, and we are getting into a groove. This game is a part-time project, which leaves us wishing for more time. The initial levels of 1-10 have been worked on, including the spells, skills, and equipment, as well as monsters and non-player characters to keep the game interesting.

The world is far from complete, however, and at the end of this sprint, we will likely only have two dungeons and the island complete. There are other areas of the world that are being worked on currently, but our main focus is the lower level areas. Our goal is to keep the frame rate high enough that players are not bothered by it- so above 30 on a two-year-old. The environment is coming along nicely, though, and there are functional and non-functional buildings, as well as areas with differing vegetation to keep the world diverse.

We have decided to add a new feature that was not previously included, which is the compass. The minimap has been changed as well to better reflect the directions. Waypoints are under development and will show on the compass bar when tracking is active, which will help players navigate more freely. Other parts of the UI are changing as well, thanks to input from others in the team, for a more polished look.

So we're on a roll. Hopefully we'll get it out the early alpha testers soon. If you're interested in joining the alpha, get in contact with us. info@fierce-fox.com