Changes for the new year

28 January 2019

The transition of Fourth Kin into Fierce Fox has been interesting. Many of the original team members followed, but some did not. We are sad to lose the members of Fierce Fox who worked for the MSP, but we have changed our focus. We are no longer a managed services provider, but a game company.

There are many changes to come. Some of the changes we have outlined have been implemented, but there are changes with the engine that we were using to develop The Kindred Four, which puts us in an interesting position. Do we continue on our old path, or forge a new one? There have been many discussions regarding this, but we have chosen to forge a path that is suited for us and what we want our future to look like.

We are still using the Unity engine, and not moving to UE4; This is partially a decision based on cash flow and future earning potential, but is mostly rooted in our love for the Unity engine and its community. There were many benefits to be had by switching to Unreal Engine 4, but we were not fully enamoured with it, so we are no longer considering it.

Stay tuned for more updates, especially on The Kindred Four.